2022-12-01: News Headlines

En.mehrnews (2022-12-01). 'Days of Ignorance' to vie at 3 international film festivals. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Dec. 01 (MNA) — Written and directed by Iranian filmmaker Abolfazl Tajik, the short documentary 'Days of Ignorance' is scheduled to take part in 3 international film festivals in Bolivia, India, and Mexico.

TeleSUR, mv, MER (2022-12-01). Costa Rica se medirá ante Alemania en Qatar 2022. telesurtv.net Los dirigidos por Luis Fernando Suárez han entrenado con el objetivo de repetir lo hecho en Brasil 2014, cuando llegaron hasta cuartos de final.

TeleSUR, lvm, YSM (2022-12-01). Disminuye actividad del volcán Chaparrastique en El Salvador. telesurtv.net El Sistema Nacional de Protección Civil indicó que Chinameca, San Jorge y San Rafael se encuentran en alerta verde.

TeleSUR, odr, YSM (2022-12-01). Declaran la Semana Santa de Guatemala Patrimonio de la Humanidad. telesurtv.net La Unesco manifestó que la Semana Santa es una celebración religiosa y cultural que forja la identidad de los guatemaltecos.

TeleSUR, jap -MER (2022-12-01). México vence a Arabia Saudita, pero está eliminado de Qatar 2022. telesurtv.net Ninguno de los dos equipos pudo abrir el marcador para dejar el empate a cero goles al final del primer tiempo.

TeleSUR, odr, SH (2022-12-01). Confirman ocho nuevos casos de viruela símica en Panamá. telesurtv.net Con los nuevos casos de viruela del mono, se elevó a 56 la cantidad de contagios confirmados en el país.

_____ (2022-11-30). Hundreds Of Thousands Mobilize In Support Of President AMLO. popularresistance.org Mexico City, Mexico – On Sunday, November 27, hundreds of thousands of Mexicans flooded the streets of the capital Mexico City in support of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) and his pro-people policies. People of all ages and from all walks of life arrived in the capital from different states of the country to participate in the march called by President AMLO to commemorate his four years in office. | Supporters began gathering in the Paseo de la Reforma avenue early in the morning. At around 9 am (local time), they began marching from the Angel of Independence monument to the Zócalo, waving flags and…

Staff (2022-11-30). EN VIVO: Arabia Saudita vs. México en la Copa Mundial de FIFA. telesurtv.net México sale a conseguir su primera victoria en este mundial después del empate ante Polonia y la derrota frente a Argentina.

TeleSUR, jaa, YSM (2022-11-30). Reportan 11 heridos por explosión de ducto de petróleo en México. telesurtv.net La explosión sucedió tras una fuga de etano en el municipio de Agua Dulce, sito al sur de Veracruz.

TeleSUR, jap -MER (2022-11-30). México vence a Arabia Saudita pero está eliminado de Qatar 2022. telesurtv.net Ninguno de los dos equipos pudo abrir el marcador para dejar el empate a cero goles al final del primer tiempo.

TeleSUR, JCM (2022-11-30). Cámara de Diputados votará hasta diciembre reforma electoral en México. telesurtv.net Tres comisiones de la Cámara de Diputados de México aprobaron el dictamen de la reforma constitucional en materia electoral.

TeleSUR, JDO (2022-11-30). Corte avala que el ejército apoye tareas de seguridad en México. telesurtv.net Por mayoría de votos, los magistrados consideran que ello no viola la Constitución, no militariza el país y contribuye a hacer frente a elevada criminalidad.

John Perry (2022-11-30). Nicaragua's Inconvenient COVID Victory: Western Media Covered Up Its Success. orinocotribune.com By John Perry Nov 24, 2022 | In Nicaragua, Latin America's third poorest country, people who don't work don't eat. Three-quarters of jobs are in small businesses and farms or the informal economy. So, when its first Covid case was diagnosed on 18 March 2020, Nicaragua's President Daniel Ortega knew that shutting down the economy would be catastrophic. | He was under pressure from all sides to introduce strict restrictions. Among Nicaragua's neighbours, El Salvador registered its first case on 18 March and imposed a lockdown two days later; Honduras did the same; Costa Rica imposed a lockdown on 16 March and…

Victoria Torres (2022-11-30). Signing Contracts With Chevron Will Promote Oil Industry Development in Venezuela. orinocotribune.com Venezuelan Minister of Oil Tareck El Aissami announced through social media that he will be signing contracts with the Chevron company. | El Aissami published photographs of the moment he met with Javier La Rosa, president of Chevron Venezuela, stressing that Chevron will celebrate 100 years of operations in Venezuela next year. | The meeting between El Aissamu and La Rosa was possible thanks to the second partial agreement for the protection of the Venezuelan people, which was recently signed in Mexico. Additionally, the US government is to issue permits for Chevron Corp to resume its imports of oil and oil prod…

Alasdair Baverstock (2022-11-29). Latin America explores improving cyber security after attack on Mexican ministry. america.cgtn.com In a world where life without technology seems unimaginable, how individuals and organizations protect their data is more important than ever. And in Mexico, one recent cyber-attack is leading to serious real-world consequences, and Latin America to look more closely at how it protects itself …

Staff (2022-11-29). PSUV on Mexico Talks: We Signed an Agreement With the UN, the Money is Going to the People and That is What Matters. orinocotribune.com On Monday, November 28, during the weekly PSUV press conference, Vice President of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) Diosdado Cabello stressed that the agreement signed at the Mexico Talks is beneficial for the Venezuelan people. | He pointed out that although the resources will be returned to Venezuela through the United Nations (UN), they belong to the people and will be used for their benefit, which is what matters most. | "We [already] have some project agreements with the UN, and what happens if the UN is there? We don't care. That money belongs to Venezuela," he said, referring to the $3 billio…

The Associated Press (2022-11-29). Mexico Faces Early World Cup Exit Against Saudi Arabia; Messi, Argentina Play Poland for Survival. latinorebels.com Mexico is going to have to suddenly find goals — and perhaps even several of them — to extend its knockout-round streak at the World Cup. Meanwhile, Lionel Messi has already come to Argentina's rescue at the World Cup, and he might just have to do it all over again.

W. T. Whitney Jr. (2022-11-29). Mexico's Left takes to the streets, celebrates achievements. peoplesworld.org "Sometimes there are revolutions but people keep on thinking the same way. But now we are seeing a peacetime transformation process and there is a change of mentality… I said yesterday that we are winning the battle against racism, classism, discrimination. This is not about material things, not about welfare programs. There's been a change …

TeleSUR, lvm, JGN (2022-11-29). Presidenta de Honduras destaca avances en combate a la corrupción. telesurtv.net "Mi compromiso es levantar el velo de la corrupción e inequidad", refirió la mandataria Xiomara Castro.

TeleSUR, jaa, YSM (2022-11-29). Presidente de México celebra éxito de gran marcha popular. telesurtv.net Para el mandatario, la presencia de más de un millón de personas en la marcha evidencia el efecto de los cambios promovidos por su Gobierno.

TeleSUR, JCM (2022-11-29). Cámara de Diputados votará reforma electoral en México. telesurtv.net Tres comisiones de la Cámara de Diputados de México aprobaron el dictamen de la reforma constitucional en materia electoral.

TeleSUR, odr, YSM, JGN (2022-11-29). Comité para el Patrimonio Inmaterial sesiona en Marruecos. telesurtv.net Por Latinoamérica, Guatemala, Colombia, Chile y Cuba aspiran a incluir elementos en la lista del Patrimonio Cultural Inmaterial.

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