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2022-12-05: News Headlines

____ (2022-12-05). The Volatility of US Hegemony in Latin America (Part 1). transcend.org 2 Dec 2022 – Latin America and the Caribbean are again taking on a pink complexion with June's historic electoral victory in Colombia over the US-backed rightwing and a similar reverse in Brazil in October. These electoral rejections of the rightwing followed left victories last year in Peru, Honduras, and Chile. And those, in turn, came after similar routs in Bolivia in 2020, Argentina in 2019, and Mexico in 2018.

_____ (2022-12-04). The Volatility Of US Hegemony In Latin America, Part II. popularresistance.org The US has long considered Latin America and the Caribbean to be its "backyard" under the anachronist 1823 Monroe Doctrine. And even though current US President Biden mistakenly thinks that upgrading the region to the "front yard" makes any difference, Yankee hemispheric hegemony is becoming increasingly volatile. A "Pink Tide" of left electoral victories since 2018 have swept Mexico, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Honduras, Chile, Columbia, and Brazil. At the same time, China has emerged as an economic presence while tumultuously inflationary winds blow in the world economy. | In this larger context, the socialist tr…

_____ (2022-12-04). The Volatility Of US Hegemony In Latin America, Part III. popularresistance.org US and other western central banks — what Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega calls the "gang of assassins who control the global economy" — maintained low interest rates for much of the last decade which encouraged countries in Latin America and the Caribbean to take out large loans. | Starting around 2021, interest rates were slowly raised. Coincident, the pandemic hit and developing countries were forced to go further into debt to fund Covid measures and cushion the effects of the economic dislocation. In these volatile times, the value of the US dollar has increased on international markets. | For…

TeleSUR, YSM (2022-12-04). Gobierno de Honduras impondrá estado de excepción parcial. telesurtv.net La medida se extenderá por 30 días, para impulsar el desarrollo económico y la seguridad en los espacios públicos.

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