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2023-01-28: News Headlines

_____ (2023-01-28). SOUTHCOM Chief Aims To Increase Imperialist Plunder Of Latin America. popularresistance.org Laura Richardson, the Chief of the U.S. Southern Command, which oversees military operations in Central America, South America, and the Caribbean, spoke about the importance of Latin America's resources for U.S. foreign policy in an interview with the U.S. think tank Atlantic Council. | "Why is this region important?" Richardson asked. "With all its rich resources and rare earth elements, there is the lithium triangle, which today is necessary for technology. Sixty percent of the world's lithium is found in the lithium triangle: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile." She also pointed out that "the largest oil reserves, incl…

teleSUR, jaa, SH (2023-01-28). Costa Rica registra 3.805 casos de Covid-19 en la última semana. telesurtv.net De acuerdo a datos del Ministerio de Salud de Costa Rica 16 personas perecieron en la última semana por causas asociadas a la Covid-19.

Sharmila Devi (2023-01-28). [World Report] Mexico bans smoking in public. thelancet.com New legislation to curb the harms of tobacco is among the strongest in the world. Sharmila Devi reports.

teleSUR, lvm, SH (2023-01-28). Reportan la muerte de otras dos mujeres por meningitis en México. telesurtv.net En su reporte diario de casos de meningitis, la Secretaría de Salud de Durango comunicó que ya suman 79 casos confirmados.

teleSUR, JDO (2023-01-27). Presidenta designada de Perú retira a su embajador en Honduras. telesurtv.net Cancillería informa que la decisión obedece a declaraciones de la presidenta hondureña Xiomara Castro sobre la crisis peruana.

teleSUR- hvh -DRL (2023-01-27). Congreso de Honduras no logra consenso sobre Corte Suprema. telesurtv.net El principal obstáculo del consenso resulta determinar la cantidad de jueces que persiguen contar los partidos.

scorinoco (2023-01-27). Costa Rica and Venezuela to Resume Consular Relations. orinocotribune.com On Wednesday, January 25, the Costa Rica's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Rodolfo André Tinoco, announced in a press conference that his government has initiated the process to resume consular relations with the Venezuelan government led by President Nicolás Maduro. | "Now that the government of Juan Guaidó has been removed and delegitimized, the only one left is the government of Caracas, with which we are going to regularize consular relations so that the Venezuelans who are here will have someone to organize their consular needs," said Tinoco. "And in turn, the Costa Ricans in Venezuela will get consular attenti…

teleSUR, odr, YSM (2023-01-27). Decretan alerta por frente frío en cuatro regiones de Costa Rica. telesurtv.net Las cuatro regiones en alerta verde son Caribe, Zona Norte, Pacífico Norte y Valle Central.

Jeff Abbott (2023-01-27). The Other Americans: Guatemala's Diplomatic Crisis with Colombia. progressive.org Seeking revenge for anti-corruption efforts, Guatemala's powerful far right is further isolating the country amid a progressive wave in Latin America.

teleSUR, lvm, SH (2023-01-27). Familiares de los 43 normalistas marchan por justicia en México. telesurtv.net De acuerdos a medios locales los allegados exigen asimismo una información clara de la causa sobre la desaparición de los normalistas.

Kim Petersen (2023-01-27). Considering the Invasions of Panama and Ukraine. dissidentvoice.org The 26 January JTA Daily Briefing arrived in my mailbox with the subject: "Major Israeli Raid in Jenin Kills 9 Palestinians." I was sadly dumbfounded by the imparted insensitivity and inhumanity. Would any humanity-loving organization blare such news about the killing of the Other? Supposedly, the Oslo accords were a movement toward peace, but Zionist …

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