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2023-06-30: News Headlines

teleSUR, rzr, JCM (2023-06-30). Policía Militar hondureña interviene dos cárceles de máxima seguridad. El gobierno de la presidenta Xiomara Castro decidió intervenir todas las cárceles del país para arrebatarle el poder a las pandillas y organizaciones criminales.

teleSUR (2023-06-30). Honduras: Military Police Enter Two Maximum Security Prisons. On Thursday, the Military Police (PMOP) simultaneously intervened in two maximum security prisons as part of the "Faith and Hope" operation launched by President Xiomara Castro on Monday. | RELATED: | The intervention took place at the Ilama prison in the department of Santa Barbara and the El Porvenir prison in Francisco Morazan. | Thousands of military police officers are seeking to restore "governance, order, control, an…

Ben Norton (2023-06-30). EE.UU. le debe reparaciones a Nicaragua, pero sigue violando un fallo de la Corte Internacional de Justicia de 1986.

Ben Norton (2023-06-30). US Legally Owes Nicaragua Reparations, But Still Refuses to Honor 1986 International Court of Justice Ruling.

teleSUR- hvh, JDO (2023-06-30). Gobierno y docentes de Costa Rica discuten fondo estudiantil. Las partes discutirán el aumento del uno por ciento del fondo especial de educación superior del 2023.

Luis Linares Petrov (2023-06-30). Chinese Ambassador highlights position in Russia-Ukraine conflict. San Jose, Jun 30 (Prensa Latina) The Chinese ambassador in Costa Rica, Tang Heng, affirmed that China is not a part of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, and its position for a political solution and dialogue is clear and coherent.

teleSUR, dcdc, JDO (2023-06-30). Advierten sobre regresión democrática en Triángulo Norte de Centroamérica. El Salvador presenta la mayor cifra de detenciones arbitrarias hasta la fecha con 66.000.

Roselena Ramirez (2023-06-30). Sugarcane Crops for Biofuel Production in Guatemala, a Bless and a Curse. Guatemala is one of the world's top sugarcane producers and its derivatives. One of those derivatives from the sugar production process is clean energy. Harris Whitbeck examines the pros and cons of a very important industry in the region.

teleSUR, rzr, JCM (2023-06-30). Autoridades mexicanas investigan asesinato de Hipólito Mora. Hipólito Mora denunció a través de su perfil en Facebook ser víctima de amenazas por parte de los sicarios del grupo criminal Los Caballeros Templarios.

Derrick Broze (2023-06-30). Mexico Announces 50% Tariff on White Corn Imports as Canada Joins US in Fight Over GMOs. The United States and Canada continue their campaign to pressure Mexico to accept Genetically Engineered corn without restriction. Mexico's battle for food sovereignty took another step forward over the weekend as President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced a 50% tariff on white corn imports. López Obrador, also known as AMLO, said the move was part

G. Dunkel (2023-06-30). Texas heat wave — dangerous disaster brewing. Ever since the heat dome established itself over Texas and northern Mexico on June 14, some 30 million to 40 million people have been baked and stressed by unrelenting heat. For an example of unrelenting heat, consider the record set June 19 of 111 F in San Angelo, Texas, which . . . |

Roselena Ramirez (2023-06-30). The Controversy of Mexico's Bullfight Tradition. Mexico's tradition of bullfighting goes back five centuries. The largest bullfighting venue in the world…is located in Mexico City. Despite its enormous popularity, it is banned in several states for cruelty. Armando Guerra brings us the story of this controversial Hispanic tradition. (2023-06-30). Virgin Galactic completes first commercial space flight. Photo shows the rocket of the Virgin's space plane igniting during a research flight that included Italian specialists who conducted a number of microgravity experiments in New Mexico, June 29, 2023.

Staff (2023-06-30). Headlines for June 30, 2023. Supreme Court Bars Affirmative Action at Colleges, Exempts Military and Legacy Admissions, California Task Force Recommends Reparations for Harms of Slavery and Racial Discrimination, Supreme Court's Samuel Alito Ruled Against EPA as Wife Leased Land to Oil and Gas Firm, Death Toll from Heat Wave Hits 112 in Mexico, 14 in Southern U.S., Mike Pence Pledges Support for Arming Ukraine During Surprise Trip to Kyiv, Biden Mulls Cluster Bombs for Ukraine as Reports Emerge of Kyiv's Use of Banned Landmines, 400 Arrested Across France in Third Night of Protests over Police Killing of 17-Year-Old, U.K. Court R…

teleSUR, odr, YSM (2023-06-30). México y Barbados cierran con oro en el surf de los Centroamericanos. La competencia de Surf en la modalidad de tabla corta masculina obtuvo el mexicano Sebastián Williams 16.83 puntos para atribuirse la presea dorada.

teleSUR- lvm, JCM (2023-06-30). Tormenta Beatriz se intensifica en la costa del Pacífico mexicano. La tormenta tropical Beatriz podría intensificarse a huracán y, de mantener su trayectoria, impactar como categoría 1 en costas del Pacífico mexicano.

Teri Mattson, WtF is Going on in Latin America, the Caribbean. (2023-06-30). Mexico: Expanding Democracy And Defending Sovereignty. The international press is again bludgeoning Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador, this time accusing him of attacking the country's democratic institutions. It's a baseless charge intended to undermine a government that refuses total obedience to US hegemony. | On February 23, an electoral reform bill received its final approval in the Mexican Senate en route to being signed into law. | The National Electoral Institute (INE) is widely recognized to be riddled with excess expenditure and a top-heavy bureaucracy. The new law simply mandates similar cost-saving measures to those that the administration of…

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2023-06-29: News Headlines

teleSUR, MER (2023-06-29). teleSUR y Canal 8 de Honduras firman acuerdo de cooperación. Este protocolo tiene como objetivo fortalecer y establecer la cooperación entre las partes, incluyendo el intercambio de contenido informativo.

Staff (2023-06-28). Hondurans Fight Private Cities Run by U.S. Companies as Gov't Sued for Outlawing "Neocolonial Project" In Honduras, communities are fighting back against privatization and foreign exploitation after Honduran President Xiomara Castro and Congress repealed a law that established so-called Economic Development and Employment Zones, where private companies have "functional and administrative autonomy" from the national government. Now a Delaware-based company called Próspera has launched a case to challenge the repeal of the law under the Dominican Republic-Central America-United States Free Trade Agreement and is seeking almost $11 billion, which amounts to nearly two-thirds of the country's entire…

Amy Goodman (2023-06-28). Hondurans Fight Private Cities Run by US Companies Amid Legal Battle. In Honduras, communities are fighting back against privatization and foreign exploitation after Honduran President Xiomara Castro and Congress repealed a law that established so-called Economic Development and Employment Zones, where private companies have "functional and administrative autonomy" from the national government. Now a Delaware-based company called Próspera has launched a case to… |

Peoples Dispatch (2023-06-28). How Honduran activist Edwin Espinal won his freedom from JOH's dictatorship. Five years ago, Honduran activist Edwin Espinal sat in a supermax prison facing trumped up charges of arson, property damage, and use of homemade explosive material. | Espinal was arrested and faced possibly decades of jail time due to his participation in the mass protests in Honduras against the electoral fraud carried out by Juan Orlando Hernández in the November 2017 elections. The blatant fraud had sparked a mass reaction and from the end of November 2017 well into February 2018, the streets and highways across the country were sites of road blockades, marches, rallies, and cultural actions demanding "Out JO…

Ben Norton (2023-06-28). US owes Nicaragua reparations, must implement 1986 Int'l Court of Justice ruling. 37 years after a 1986 International Court of Justice ruling, the United States still refuses to pay Nicaragua the reparations it legally owes. Today, the Nicaraguan government is demanding that the United Nations take action.

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2023-06-28). Letter from President Daniel Ortega to UN Secretary General Regarding ICJ 1986 Ruling. Kawsachun News Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega commemorates the 37th anniversary of Nicaragua's historic victory at the International Court of Justice. June 27, 2023. Photo: JP+ Below is the letter from President of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, to United Nations Secretary General António Guterres on the anniversary of the judgement handed down by the International Court of…

teleSUR, hvh, JCM (2023-06-29). Tormenta tropical Adrián evoluciona a huracán en el Pacífico. El ciclón se ubicó a 575 kilómetros al suroeste de Colima con vientos máximos sostenidos de 120 kilómetros por hora.

teleSUR, JDO (2023-06-29). México entrega presidencia de la Alianza del Pacífico a Chile. Desde este miércoles Chile ejerce la presidencia pro tempore. Perú la asumirá a partir del 1 de agosto de 2023.

teleSUR, JGN (2023-06-29). México sigue al frente del medallero de los XXIV JCC. El país latinoamericano cuenta hasta ahora con un total de 136 medallas, de las cuales 52 son de oro, 47 de plata y 37 de bronce.

Alasdair Baverstock (2023-06-28). Massive deposits of lithium discovered in Mexico. New deposits of lithium are being discovered in northern Mexico. Lithium is a vital resource that is essential in the production of batteries for electric vehicles. See more.

teleSUR, nama, YSM (2023-06-29). Panamá conquista dos oros en el surf de los Juegos Centroamericanos. La delegación panameña se mantiene octava en el medallero de la cita multideportiva centrocaribeña con 11 medallas.

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