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2023-09-02: News Headlines

Oraily Madruga Rios (2023-09-01). Dominican President receives credentials from several officials. plenglish.com Santo Domingo, Sep 1 (Prensa Latina) Dominican President Luis Abinader received on Friday the credentials of the Apostolic Nuncio Monsignor Piergiorgio Bertoldi, and the new Ambassadors of Nicaragua, Honduras and Israel.

Alina Ramos Martin (2023-09-02). Popular support for Xiomara Castro. plenglish.com Tegucigalpa, Sep 2 (Prensa Latina) Thousands of citizens ratified their support to President Xiomara Castro during a gigantic demonstration in which they demanded respect for the constitutional order of Honduras and asked for the election of the new general and deputy attorney general.

ecns.cn (2023-09-02). China, Nicaragua sign free-trade agreement. ecns.cn China and Nicaragua signed a free-trade agreement on Thursday after a year of negotiations, which experts said will bring out the greater potential of trade and investment cooperation between the two countries and deliver concrete benefits to the two peoples.

scorinoco (2023-09-01). Nicaragua and China Sign Historic Free Trade Agreement. orinocotribune.com Nicaragua and China have signed a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) that will allow for greater commercial and economic exchange between the two countries, following historic negotiations that have lasted just one year. | During the FTA signing ceremony, which took place this Thursday, August 31, Nicaragua was represented by the son of Daniel Ortega and presidential advisor for the promotion of investment, trade, and international cooperation of Nicaragua, Laureano Ortega Murillo; the minister of finance and credit, Iván Acosta; and the minister of development, industry, and commerce, Jesús Bermúdez. The Chinese delegat…

Javier Arana Villasusa (2023-09-02). Organizations to march in Guatemala in defense of democracy. plenglish.com Guatemala City, Sep 2 (Prensa Latina) Social organizations, collectives and students will march today in Guatemala in defense of democracy, against corruption, in order to support the popular will expressed at the polls and prevent a coup d'état.

Staff (2023-09-02). Guatemala: President Elect Denounces Ongoing Coup d'État. orinocotribune.com The president-elect of Guatemala, Bernardo Arévalo, denounced "a coup d'état in progress" in the country, where the Congress has refused to recognize the parliamentary bloc of his party, the Semilla Movement, after the party's legal status was temporarily suspended by the judiciary. | "We are witnessing an ongoing coup d'état, in which the judicial apparatus is being used to violate justice itself, mocking the people's will freely expressed at the ballot on August 20," Arévalo said on Friday, September 1. | In a press conference together with Vice President-elect Karin Herrera, Arévalo denounced the "spurious, il…

teleSUR, SH (2023-09-02). Presidente electo de Guatemala denuncia plan de golpe de Estado. telesurtv.net El presidente electo expresó que las acciones emprendidas por la Fiscalía General intentan burlar la voluntad popular expresada en las urnas el 20 de agosto.

Oraily Madruga Rios (2023-09-01). Guatemalan President-elect condemns ongoing coup d'état. plenglish.com Vice President-elect Karin Herrera backed Arevalo on blaming the Attorney General Consuelo Porras, the head of the Special Prosecutor's Office Against Impunity Rafael Curruchiche and the seventh judge of criminal instance, Fredy Orellana for destabilizing the legitimate political order. | The president-elect included "the Board of Directors of the Congress of the Republic and other dirty and anti-democratic actors," describing their actions as a mockery of the popular will freely expressed at past elections. | Arevalo called on the people of Guatemala, civil society, entrepreneurs and workers, the popular movemen…

Alina Ramos Martin (2023-09-02). New actions against Semilla party marked the week in Guatemala. plenglish.com Guatemala City, Sep 2 (Prensa Latina) The suspension of the legal personality of the Semilla Movement and the decision to disregard the party's bench in the Congress (unicameral) marked the week that ends today in Guatemala.

teleSUR, JCM (2023-09-02). Realizan marcha en Guatemala en defensa de la democracia. telesurtv.net Durante este sábado y el próximo lunes, manifestaciones se llevarán a cabo en la plaza central de la ciudad de Guatemala, así como en la Plaza Central de La Paz en Cobán.

Oraily Madruga Rios (2023-09-01). Mexico: the loaded dice of the opposition. plenglish.com Mexico City, Sep 1 (Prensa Latina) Now we said it "from the onset", more seriously: from the onset we granted that the dice of the known "Frente Amplio por Mexico" had been loaded in favor of Bertha Xochitl Galvez Ruiz.

Oraily Madruga Rios (2023-09-01). Obrador thanks armed forces for their role in Mexico's transformation. plenglish.com Mexico City, Sep 1 (Prensa Latina) In his fifth report to the nation, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador thanked Friday the armed forces for their role in the Fourth Transformation.

Alina Ramos Martin (2023-09-02). Panama: Popular protests against mining contract. plenglish.com Panama City, Sep 2 (Prensa Latina) Leaders of trade union and popular organizations are deciding on new actions, after a week marked by protests against the contract signed between the Government and Minera Panama.

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